Maid Services

One-Stop Maid Agency

Spring Employment Pte Ltd is a one-stop maid agency providing you with the best and most affordable domestic maids in Singapore. At Spring Employment Pte Ltd, we are sincerely meticulous and fully committed to serve you.

We provide well-trained and experienced maids who are selected from foreign licensed partner training centres in Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines and India. The recruitment specialists in these training centres have extensive foreign worker recruitment networks, and great experience in screening and interviewing every selected applicant. This ensures that the maids we sourced for you are genuine, hard-working and responsible.

Our maids are trained in spoken English and are able to perform many tasks competently for your comfort. They can take good care of babies, young children, elderly and disabled people, and perform normal routine housework like cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, washing and ironing clothes. They are trained at cooking local food dishes.

Spring Employment Pte Ltd provide the following one-stop foreign maid services to better serve you:
1. Job Placement Services for foreign maids
2. Direct hire your own foreign maids
3. Placement of transfer maids
4. Latest Hands-on training courses and Workshops

  • Training in Taking Care of Babies
  • Training in Taking Care of Elderly and Disabled
  • Training in Cooking Singapore Dishes
  • Training in Spoken English
  • General Orientation for Employment as a Maid in Singapore

5. Other maid or foreign worker related services At Spring Employment Pte Ltd, we are committed to help you find the most suitable maid that will fulfill your specific requirements and family needs.